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Deanne O'Rear-Cameron
Wellness Products

Deanne takes Health and Wellness very seriously. Your body is the house you live in and if you destroy it you will have to leave. You cannot go somewhere and order another one. You get one shot at this body and if you do not take care of it you're out.

With all the changes to the healthcare system it is time to work on Wellcare and Selfcare. It can be very hard to do it alone and that is where Deanne comes in. She works with individuals as well as Corporations and Associations. The cost to employers can be minimized when you have healthier employees. Not to mention we are all happier when we feel healthier.

Deanne shows how to eat for your body to get better nutrition (not all people are alike), supplements to aid in your individual needs, and lifestyle changes. You do not have to go cold turkey to achieve this. Wellness is a journey and can be truly enjoyed. You will find yourself so in tune with your body which is empowering. There is nothing like having power over cravings, pain, etc.

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